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Who are we?

We are freight forwarding company organizing international and domestic road transports. We are specialist in European express transports. We can also organize FTL and LTL transports in Europe.

If you need to transport any consignment expressly within Europe, please contact us. Your express consignment will be delivered at the delivery place any time you need. We will reply to your price-request within 15 minutes and will provide a vehicle for your consignment as soon as possible. We know, from our previous experience, that the real flexibility and reliability is shown when any unforeseeable situation occurs.

We grow in numbers to cover your needs.
We take care of every cargo as our own.
And the portfolio of our clients is still growing.

We are here for you

Either you need to transport an individual parcel or a complete truck, we will find the best possible solution, both financially and time wise for you as well. We regularly provide the express deliveries to any exhibitions, conferences, concerts and at any other events within Europe.


Our professional team, with more than 20 years of forwarding experience, is here for your disposal 24/7, therefore we can solve any required issue for you as soon as possible.


Since we personally and individually care for our customers, our client portfolio contains the clients we cooperate with for more than 10 years.


We have the long-term experience with organizing transports under the customs surveillance, transports under T1 or with CARNET ATA.

Ing. Viliam Širochman

Peter Jurčák

+421 917 079 129

Tomaš Dzurina

+421 940 941 110

Vladimír Chládek

+421 947 978 787

Mgr. Patrícia Priščaková

+421 947 901 787

Ing. Lukáš Čechovič, PhD.

+421 948 890 510

Ing. Tomáš Čechovič, PhD.

+421 948 990 809